£100 loans

Need to borrow £100? Taking out a short-term loan from Ealing Trading is a simple and manageable way to access some extra cash. Our friendly and helpful agents will visit you at home to explain the terms of the loan, to deliver your money, and to collect your repayments each week.


Covering costs

Sometimes it’s tricky to make money stretch to the end of the month. Some people might be starting a new job, and need to borrow a small amount to make ends meet until payday. Others might face an unexpected big expense that can’t be paid in instalments. When all other avenues have been explored, taking out a £100 loan can help cover costs.

£100 loan for emergency plumberFor example:

  • Fixing a problem with the car
  • Paying for a plumber to fix an urgent leak
  • Buying a new kitchen appliance
  • Paying for a wedding ceremony
  • Meeting the costs of Christmas
  • Putting down a deposit on a holiday

Whatever the reason for the loan, borrowing just £100 is a way to ensure that you only spend as much as you really need, so your debts won’t spiral out of control.

Keeping control of your finances

For people looking to borrow a small amount of money like £100, there may be a few options open, including credit cards, bank overdrafts or even borrowing from friends or family. However, for those who are keen to keep tight control of their finances, a short-term loan from Ealing Trading could be a viable option. That’s because, as responsible lenders, we won’t let our borrowers’ debt grow.

Unlike a credit card where borrowers are only obliged to make a minimum payment each month, or an overdraft, which may be granted over an extended period of time, our cash loans are given on strict terms, where you have to pay back the full amount within 15 weeks. Taking out a loan should be a last resort, but if you are confident you can pay it back, it can be a more attractive option than getting into debt with your nearest and dearest.

If it’s your first time borrowing from Ealing Trading, you’ll be offered a maximum of £100. That’s in order to make sure you can manage your debt well and make your repayments easily.

Affordable repaymentsmonthly calendar on desk

When you take out a loan from Ealing Trading, the terms are really clear, so you always know how much you’ll need to repay and when. As a responsible lender, we will only lend for a maximum of 15 weeks. When you borrow £100, repayments are £10 a week for 15 weeks, so you will pay back a total of £150.

You’ll be able to keep track of your repayments so there’s never any doubt about how much you owe, and your agent is always there to answer any questions you may have.

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