5 Apps to Help you Budget

Many of us need a bit of help to keep control of our finances. And in 2018, we’re lucky to have access to a wide variety of money management apps, all designed to make it that bit easier to stick to a budget. So, which should you download to your smartphone? Read our roundup of personal finance apps, to choose the right application for your needs.

1.    Emma

If you’re looking for budgeting apps to help you manage your money, Emma is a user-friendly choice. This free app helps you gather information about all your bank accounts, loans and credit cards in one place, so you can follow your finances easily, without having to log in to view statements on multiple sites. It can help you to create and stick to a budget, pay off debts and maintain a good credit score. Emma is available for both iOS and Android devices.

2.    You Need A Budget (YNAB)

Whatever your financial situation, a budget is important to help you live within your means. The YNAB app helps you to plan and prioritise your spending, gives you access to real-time information on your money on the move, and lets you share account data with a partner or spouse. Simple graphics make it easy to visualise your financial goals and monitor your progress. After a 34-day free trial, your YNAB subscription will cost $6.99 a month – but they do offer a no-quibble money-back guarantee.

3.    Pocketguard

One of the best-rated apps to help you budget, Pocketguard can be used to keep track of your spending by planning your monthly income and bills, then setting goals for saving. If you’re not good with numbers, Pocketguard will step in, calculating the amount of money you can afford to spend in any given month, week or day, even allowing you to create different categories of spending, such as groceries, eating out and entertainment. It also offers useful analytics, with a breakdown of your spending, showing what you did well and what you can improve on next month. Available in the App Store and on Google Play.

4.    Wally

Personal finance app Wally is useful for monitoring your spending on the move. As well as offering standard features to help you stay on-budget, it can use the location services on your device to track where your money is being spent – useful for uncovering patterns and helping you to change your spending behaviour. You can also upload images of your receipts and get notifications of imminent payments, so you won’t get taken by surprise. Wally and Wally+ are available for iOS and Android phones.

5.    Goodbudget

Budgeting is tricky enough for one person, but if you’re part of a couple with shared finances, it can be even more of a challenge. Goodbudget is a budgeting app that allows syncing between different devices, so two or more people can get up-to-the-minute access to spending info. Download it onto your computer, iPhone or Android device.

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