Budget Travel for Students this Summer

As months of stress and exams finally draw to a close, many students will be gazing longingly out of the window imagining what beach they will be jetting off to once school is out for summer. But just as many will be wondering how they’ll be able to afford their luxurious plans on limited funds, especially if the ‘bank of mum and dad’ isn’t giving out loans! Seeing the world can be expensive but with a bit of careful planning, budget travel for students is possible.

Make a travel budget

If you’re trying to keep costs down on your summer adventures, it’s essential that you set a budget as early as possible and stick to it. This really is the only way to make sure you don’t spend more than you can afford. Start with a figure you can comfortably manage and make sure you include the extra costs for accommodation, food and entertainment. It’s important to include an emergency buffer in your budget too, this could be a credit card or a short-term cash loans  to bail you out in case you run over.

Cheap and cheerful!

In these uncertain times with fluctuating currency, you can no longer rely on the strength of the pound all over the world. Your chosen destination will have a big impact on your likely spend. Just in Europe, for example, the disparity is enormous. A beer in Budapest may only cost you a couple of pounds, but in Copenhagen that figure might be closer to ten! It’s worth bearing this in mind if you are thinking of Interrailing, as a trip around Eastern European countries will cost much less than through the more popular tourist destinations, and you can be sure of lovely hot weather! So make sure you check the basic costs of any destination before you book the flights. It’s all very well getting a cheap flight but if your living costs are going to be astronomical, it may not be so affordable.

Do as the locals do

Whatever your destination, an absolutely crucial part of travelling on a budget as a student is to break away from tourists and immerse yourself in local culture. This is also the key to a more authentic and insightful trip. Be a traveller, not a tourist! When looking for somewhere to drink or eat, make a note of how many tourists are there too. If they’re in the majority, it’s probably better to avoid! Instead, find the areas that the locals love – the underground bar or the secret café! Not only will you get better prices, but you’ll learn much more about your destination.


So if you plan well and travel smart, it’s absolutely possible to have an amazing trip on a student budget. Just make sure you work out how much you can afford to part with on your adventure and stick to it. Then pick a destination that matches your budget and when you get there copy the locals, not the tourists! If you not travelling alone, be sure to tell a friend and let them in on our secret too.

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