How to Cut Your Fuel Costs 

Running a car can be expensive. From fuel costs to repairs, it can be a large monthly outgoing that you could often do without. Obviously fuel is a necessity, but there are multiple ways to cut down the rate of consumption and save your pennies. 

Go to your cheapest local petrol station  

Fuel prices vary depending on the petrol station so you may want to locate the cheapest one in your area to top up your petrol. However, be aware that overall prices also fluctuate fairly frequently. They can go up or down by up to 5p so keeping an eye on this will be beneficial.  

Petrol station

Maintain your vehicle  

Keeping your vehicle maintained, serviced and in good condition may cost you money at the time but it will save you much more in the long run. Ensuring tyres are correctly inflated, checking the engine oil level and making sure the coolant system temperature is safe will make your car run more efficiently and consume less fuel.  

Get rid of excess weight  

Carrying round heavy items that you don’t always need could be affecting your fuel consumption. Accessories such as roof racks or large items in your boot can drag down your car, create extra wind resistance and ultimately increase fuel use. Consider whether you need these in your car at all times and remove them when possible.  

Check tyre pressure  

Low tyre pressure can largely contribute to higher fuel consumption. In fact, a drop in tyre pressure of 0.4 bar can increase fuel consumption by up to 20%. Therefore, it is important to carefully read the manual for your vehicle and follow the guidelines regarding recommended tyre pressure.  

Good tyre condition is also crucial to your safety so it would be beneficial to carry out regular checks every week or two.  

Reduce air con use  

This may take you by surprise but the use of air conditioning in your car can actually cause you to consume more fuel. This is due to the fact that it uses engine power to create air flow that cools down the inside of your vehicle.  

 TOP TIP: Unless driving at 60mph or more, try winding down the windows instead of switching on the AC.  

Adjust driving technique  

There are many ways to reduce fuel consumption levels simply by adjusting a few of your driving techniques and changing bad habits. These include; 

  • Reduce speed – dropping from 70 to 60mph could save you up to 10% in fuel. Try it out next time you’re driving somewhere and you’re not in a rush!
  • Reduce harsh braking and acceleration – drive carefully and anticipate the actions of other drivers to allow you to judge your next move and adjust your driving accordingly. 
  • Efficient gear use – driving in the wrong gear can cause you to use more fuel. Move up the gears when necessary and in good time. 

Car dashboard showing speed

 Another way to combat this issue is to ditch the car completely! This may sound obvious but you would be surprised how often people go to use their car when they could easily walk or even hop on public transport. Making more conscious decisions when time allows will help you in cutting down fuel costs as well as reducing your carbon footprint.  

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