How to Have Fun for Free this Easter

It’s Easter this weekend and we’re sure that you are looking forward to a nice relaxing long weekend as much as we are! But if you are struggling for money or are on a mission to build up your savings or pay off a debt you might be left wondering how you are going to afford to fill up the four days with fun. The good news is that we have loads of great ideas for some free family fun this Easter. All of our suggestions are either free or low cost and could even end up making you money! So read on to find out how to plan for a budget busting bank holiday weekend.

Get baking

Most people have the basic ingredients you need for baking in their cupboards and ingredients such as flour, sugar and eggs can all be bought at a relatively low cost. Baking is a brilliant stress reliever and something that can be enjoyed by all the family. Even toddlers will delight in stirring the bowl and helping to crack eggs open. If you’re just starting off, why not make some no-cook chocolate Easter nests from melted chocolate and rice krispies – these are always a favourite with the kids. If you feel a bit more adventurous, you could try making an Easter classic such as hot cross buns which are delicious toasted and buttered. What’s great is that baking your own goods at home is much less expensive than buying shop brought versions. Most bread and cakes can be frozen too so it’s really cost effective as you won’t waste anything.

Set up a garage sale

We all have lots of items around the house that we don’t use any more – it could be clothes you don’t wear or toys that the kids have grown out of. But don’t just throw these items away! Instead, you could have fun and make money at the same time by holding a garage sale in your front garden. Encourage the children to make some bright and colourful posters to advertise the event and put them up in your local area. Make sure you tell all your friends. Then set up your wares in your garage or front garden and get selling. It’s a brilliant way to meet your neighbours and you could make a tidy profit too!

Hold an Easter ‘Eggs’stravaganza!

It wouldn’t be Easter without an egg hunt so get creative and set up a trail for the children to follow around your house and garden to collect some yummy chocolate eggs. You can write your own clues and signs to pin up to help them find their way to the chocolate, and the older they are, the harder you can make the clues! Following on with the egg theme, you could also try making Easter decorations from some real eggshells. Buy a cheap box of eggs and make a small hole in the top and bottom so that you can blow out the contents into a bowl (you can be extra frugal and keep these to use in your cooking). Then using paints or felt tips, decorate your eggs and put them out on display.


As you can see, there are lots of cost free ways to have fun this Easter weekend. However, if you feel that you need some money to treat the family to something special then have you thought about a short-term cash loan? This could give you a little extra money to allow you to relax over the bank holiday weekend and is the ideal solution if you are short of cash. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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