Killer DIY Halloween Tricks (or Treats)

The countdown to Halloween is on, which only means one thing…it’s time to start preparing your costume and decorations to make this October 31st the scariest one yet.

DIY is the way forward this Halloween. If you’re into arts and crafts, you are likely to have most of the following items at home already, but if not, these items are all very cheap to buy from the likes of Wilko and Amazon.

Follow our top tricks (or treats) for creating your own spooky costumes and decorations, without having to fork out on expensive outfits for all the family.

Halloween pumpkin decorations and costume

The first item on the list has to be a pumpkin. You can buy these cheaply from almost any supermarket, especially leading up to Halloween. And what’s more, they also provide hours of fun decorating them. When it comes to decorating, think big – we want witches, spiders and haunted houses, as well as the classic spooky pumpkin face carving.

Remember to display your works of art proudly on your doorstep with a candle inside to encourage trick or treaters to knock on your door.

Carved out pumpkin

Halloween ghost decor

On the build up to Halloween, keep hold of your empty plastic milk containers and clean them ready for some DIY. On the widest side of the container, use a sharpie to draw ghost faces and then repeat for your next container with another spooky face. When you have completed a couple, place an artificial candle or a small set of battery powered fairy lights inside each container and, voila!

Hanging bats Halloween decor

Get yourself some black card and draw the outline of a bat on the card. It may be a good idea to use a stencil for this, which you can print online. Cut out the bat outline and repeat. Then get some yellow paper and cut out some small yellow circles. Stick these onto the face of the bats for the eyes.

Next, cut yourself some string or ribbon in varying lengths. Pierce a small hole through the middle of your bats and secure each bat to a piece of string. Hang the bats from a light fixture or stick them to the ceiling with blue tac.

Cat Halloween costume

No Halloween is complete without a cat costume! You can easily and cheaply create the basics of a cat costume using your DIY skills. All you need is some black card or felt, scissors, cellotape and a headband.

Draw two triangles on the card or marked out on your felt, with an extra 2cm at the bottom of one of the edges of the triangle. Cut these out and fold a crease along the extra 2cm of material. Use the tape to attach the two triangles to the headband, securing the triangles to the bottom of the headband using the extra 2cm below the crease.

Remember to use black eyeliner or face paint to draw on a cat nose and whiskers, and you’re ready to go!

Children dressed up as a cat and witch for Halloween

Halloween mummy costume

Another simple and cheap costume idea this year is a mummy. All you need to complete this look is a couple of rolls of bandages and it’s time to get wrapping.

Halloween zombie costume

A final Halloween costume hack takes the shape of a zombie. For this, you will need some old trousers, an old top, fake blood, face paint and scissors. Make sure you choose clothes you’re not bothered about as these will be ripped beyond repair!

To make your clothes look realistically tattered, cut holes in the sleeves and in random places in the trouser legs and fray the edges too. Use fake blood or red paint to splatter the clothes with bloodstains and then, all focus is on the face. Paint your face white and have fake blood dripping from your mouth for that extra gory effect.


These Halloween costume and decoration ideas will save you plenty of pennies this October, as well as providing hours of fun for you and your family, all in the name of DIY. This creative concoction of ideas can also be used to decorate your house from top to bottom year after year after year and your DIY outfits can be used again too.

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