Our Pick of the Best Budget Date Night Ideas

Whether you are trying to save up for a summer holiday, repairing the car or treating loved ones, the first thing that faces cutbacks is nights out. Unfortunately, this usually includes dates and spending quality time with partners. A meal out or a day trip can prove to be really expensive, but enjoying time together doesn’t necessarily have to be pricey. Saving money and sticking to a plan can be stressful if you are trying to also enjoy yourselves, so we’ve put together our top budget date night ideas. You can still show you care and enjoy a fantastic time with your partner without splashing out!

Dine in for just £10

Dining in can sometimes be almost as expensive as going out for a meal, especially if you try to make something a little show-stopping from scratch. Luckily most supermarket chains have started offering meal deals with everything you need for two people to enjoy a delicious dinner without any complicated cooking.

Marks and Spencer are currently the undisputed kings of the offer with their Two Dine in for £10 promotion which even includes wine to accompany the dish. You can grab mains, sides and dessert or a starter for two to set yourself up for a lovely evening at home. We’d always recommend trying to purchase the deal items the day before you plan to eat them or early in the day to make sure you can get exactly what you’re looking for from their selection. Even the most talented of chefs can find it hard to make sides like stir fry noodles go together well with mains like shepherd’s pie!

In it to win it

If you’ve been together for a while then a pub quiz is a fantastic way to spend an evening with your partner. By this point, you’ll know exactly what subjects you’ll each be experts at and you might just be able to team up with some friends to bag yourself a prize. Entry is usually only £1 each and by limiting how many drinks you enjoy whilst testing your knowledge, it’s a fun budget date night idea. It’s also a fun activity night for newer couples too, you’ll definitely find out a little bit more about the other person and a lively atmosphere can help to break the ice a little.

Let the games begin

Hosting a games night at your home guarantees laughs with friends and your partner as well as keeping the cost of your date night down. Mobile phone apps offer lots of laughs that don’t cost much at all with ‘Heads Up’ being a popular option for getting everyone giggling. Players need to act out the action or person on screen whilst the phone is held against the guesser’s head. Once the round is over, you can watch the clues being acted out back as your smartphone films the player during the round. You can also dig out the old board games and enjoy some classics like monopoly and Pictionary. Get each friend to bring something to play over and a drinks to share and you’ll have a fantastic evening with great company that doesn’t break the bank.

With our budget date night ideas it’s easy to see how a fun night with your partner doesn’t have to be expensive or impact too much on your savings. Whilst it’s important to stick to your financial plan, it’s much less stressful if you spend responsibly to enjoy yourself too. If you need a little more advice on how best to balance your finances, contact us.
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