The Best Free Fitness Apps

Exercise is a great way to keep your body and mind as healthy as possible. Whilst it seems to be something we all try to do, life can often get in the way.

Paying for a gym membership each month may be an incentive for you to ensure you keep going and don’t waste money. Or maybe you rely on the advice of a personal trainer or like to attend classes? But, if on a budget, it can be a monthly outgoing that you could do without. 

Do not fear. Cancelling your gym membership doesn’t mean you have to stop exercise altogether. Whether you are a runner, a yogi or a weight lifter, there are some great free mobile apps on the market that can you give you that extra support and help you get fit on a budget.

For cardio… 

Cardio based exercise is ideal for burning fat, improving cardiovascular fitness and releasing endorphins.  

  • Strava– Made for athletes to help you track and analyse every aspect of your performance whether it be running, cycling or swimming.  
  • Fiit– The No. 1 rated fitness app currently on the market. From HIIT to combat, Fiit offers a range of classes for people of all levels, to complete in the comfort of your own home.  

For running… 

Whether you’re training for an upcoming marathon or simply like to get outside and feel the wind on your face, there is something to support you along the way.  

  • Runtastic– Powered by Adidas, this app allows you to record your workouts, review your statistics and challenge yourself.  
  • Couch to 5k – Createdby the NHS and perfect for new runners looking to get started with exercise and improve their overall  Offers a 9-week programme with 3 runs per week, increasing in intensity until you can run 5k.  
  • Nike Run Club –With guided runs, a distance tracker and the ability to link up to your Apple Watch, this app makes for the perfect running partner.  

Women running

For yoga… 

Yoga can increase flexibility and balance the mind. However, it can seem daunting to beginners. Following a simple guide will ensure you achieve complete mindfulness and avoid injury. 

  • Simply Yoga – Provides you with your own personal yoga instructor to take you through a simple flow, step by step. 
  • Daily Yoga – Offersdifferent types of yoga for weight loss, toning or meditation purposes but be aware of further in-app purchases).

For toning… 

If your goal is to tone up and build muscle, this can be achieved through a variety of free weights and bodyweight exercises 

  • 30 Day Ab Challenge – For quick results and a challenge for the body and mind, this app guides you through various exercises to complete each day to strengthen and tone your core. 
  • Nike Training Club – The sister of Nike Run Club, this version of the app offers alternative exercises including bodyweight and equipment workouts. 

Man planking in the park

Look the part… 

Putting on workout gear that makes you look and feel good can be a big part of enjoying exercise. This may seem like a luxury when on a budget, however, the right clothing will help you perform better and feel comfortable. Our Love2Shop vouchers are a great alternative to a loan and are accepted in over 20,000 High Street shops so you can be sure to find something just right!  

Hopefully, with the help of the apps mentioned, you will be able to make exercise a habit and stick to your New Year’s resolution. For more information on our vouchers or loans, get in touch.   

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