Top Tips for Entertaining Your Kids on a Budget During the Summer Holidays

2020 has certainly been an unexpected and eventful year for everyone, with many plans, events and holidays having been cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. With kids home from school earlier on in the year and in need of entertainment during all hours of the day, it’s likely that you have used up all your creativity when it comes to indoor activities! Now, in the midst of the summer holidays, the lifting of restrictions and the ability to go outside as much as we please makes keeping your children occupied a little easier. However, if you have run out of your own ideas, we have provided you with our top tips for entertaining your kids on a budget during the summer holidays.

Support local businesses

Smaller, local businesses are likely to have suffered massively during the pandemic. Now places are opening back up again, they will need your business more than ever. Avoid the bigger chains and support your local restaurants, shops and activity centres.

A great one or the kids during the summer holidays is a trip to the zoo. Do your research and find your nearest local one to visit. This may seem like an expensive suggestion but most centres and parks such as zoos often offer vouchers or can have prices discounted through schemes such as Tesco Clubcard.

Go camping in the garden

If you can’t fit in a long weekend away or don’t want to spend the money on site fees, why not camp in your own back garden? Set up your tent during the day and as evening approaches, light the barbie, get some burgers on the go, and then cosy up with your family whilst toasting marshmallows. This change in routine creates some excitement for your kids and will feel like a great adventure (without having to even leave your home!)

Children eating marshmallows at campfire in garden

Explore the beauty on your doorstep

Many of us are surrounded by beautiful woodlands and national parks, without even really realising it. Visiting local nature spots can be a great way to entertain the kids. Pack a picnic for a sunny day trip or put on the wellies for a muddy walk in the woods on a rainy day. Or, dig out that kite that has been in the loft for the past year and let it soar. Bigger parks also often offer nature trails or treasure hunts, which is a great activity for kids and will kill an hour or two. The possibilities for adventure are endless, plus it doesn’t have to cost you anything!

The National Trust cares for more than 200 parks and gardens in the UK, so there is sure to be something suitable nearby. Use the Days Out search tool on their website to find your local greenery.

Get crafty

For the days you have to stay in or when the weather isn’t too great, there is still plenty to do indoors:

  • Traditional arts and crafts – websites such as Pinterest offer simple but quirky ideas for something different to try.
  • Start a scrapbook – print all of your favourite memories and add clippings and text to make it your own.
  • Baking – take your creativity to the kitchen and whip up some tasty treats for all the family.
  • Quieter indoor activities – including drawing, reading, or you could even chill out and listen to an audiobook instead!

Child painting - arts and crafts

Embrace the boredom

Don’t stress about your kids getting bored. Boredom can be a positive thing; it allows children to explore their creativity and find ways to entertain themselves without a given stimulant. So, don’t feel guilty about having the odd day at home. They may moan about it at first but whatever they decide to get up to could end up being some of their favourite childhood memories.

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