Top Tips for Moving House on a Budget

Moving house is an expensive process; there are conveyancing fees, surveys and removals to pay for, not to mention any renovations or repairs. Make it easier on your bank balance with these useful tips for moving house on a budget.

Sell unwanted items

Packing up your stuff is a brilliant opportunity to take stock of all the objects you’re living with. How many of them do you really want to bring with you, to your brand new home? Selling good-quality items is a great way to kill two birds with one stone; you can declutter ready to start anew in a clutter-free home, and you’ll also make some extra money to add to your budget for moving house. Try selling online through sites like eBay, Gumtree or your local Facebook selling forum, or why not hold a garage sale to get rid of everything in one go?

Use up perishable goods

Most of us have spare food in our freezers, to be used in case of emergency. As moving day draws closer, it’s a good idea to plan your meals so that you can use up every last bit of food in your fridge or freezer. Even if it means fish fingers and peas for dinner a few nights in a row, using up your perishable goods will help you save on waste and minimise your spending at a time when every penny counts.

Organise your packing

There’s nothing more frustrating (or wasteful) than having to buy something again because it’s lost somewhere in your packing boxes. During the packing process, always think about what you’ll need at the other end; pack items logically by room, label your boxes clearly, and keep a spreadsheet or physical list, detailing exactly what’s in each box.

Save time

If you’re paying a removal company to help you move house, time is money: they’ll charge you more if the move takes longer than planned. Make sure you’re ready promptly when they are due to arrive, by disconnecting appliances in advance, disassembling large items of furniture, arranging easy access to your property and organising parking permits if needed.

Hire your own van

Instead of shelling out on the expense of professional removal people, you can do the job yourself for a fraction of the cost by hiring your own van. Rope in some friends to help you with the heavy lifting, and reward them with a home-cooked housewarming meal in your new place.

Redirect your post

If you receive paper bills at your current address, it’s really important to make sure these are redirected to your new home. If you miss a payment, you could incur expensive charges that could also affect your credit record.

Look for freebies

If you’re starting again furnishing your new home, don’t forget sites like Freecycle. These can offer a wealth of free stuff, which is often in great condition. From fridges to furniture, there’s no need to pay a fortune for items you could pick up for nothing.

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