Top Tips for Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Whilst some of us find it cheesy and singletons would rather avoid the whole thing altogether, £1.3 billion is spent each year on gifts and cards for Valentine’s Day showing that February 14th is clearly a big event on our calendars in Britain. Whether it be showing our love and appreciation to a partner or letting someone know they have an admirer, there are plenty of creative and romantic options available to mark the occasion. Unfortunately, it is still a time of year where money can be a little short after Christmas, so to help you keep on budget here are some cheap Valentine’s Day ideas to inspire you.

Say it with music

Not everyone is quite artistic enough to write a song or a poem as a gift to a loved one, but that doesn’t mean music can’t be used as a thoughtful way to show you care. Putting together mixtapes in years gone by was something that effort was poured into then proudly presented to a partner. As technology has moved on, making mixtapes has disappeared along with the cassette and CD. Now that Spotify is the most popular way to listen to music, it’s easier than ever to collect some romantic tunes for the one you love. Show how well you know them by making a playlist of all of their favourite romantic songs, or you can take a look at the huge number of playlists curated by Spotify users to help inspire your choices. Best of all is that the service is free which makes it a top cheap Valentine’s Day idea.

Pick the perfect pictures

A picture says a thousand words which is why photos are such a fantastic way to look back on fond memories and show someone how much you care. Taking and sharing photos has never been more popular with a staggering 350 million photos uploaded to Facebook every day, but so many of these photos are never printed out and seen again. Why not go back through your online photo albums and pick out a few of the best memories with your loved one and get them printed. You can pop to your local high street and print 6×4 photos for 6p per image at Boots which makes putting together a collection of lovely pictures as cost effective as it is romantic.

Bring the picnic indoors

A romantic dinner is often Plan A for February 14th with this fascinating survey from last year showing 18% of men think it is the purpose of the occasion. Whilst a pricey meal out is a fun way to celebrate, a more personal and intimate way to show your appreciation is to set up an indoor picnic. Setting down a blanket, putting out some candles and getting together some of your partner’s favourite treats is a cosy way to spend time alone. It’s a cheap Valentine’s Day idea that shows just how well you know your partner without splashing the cash.

The best thing about Valentine’s Day is that you can be as creative as you like in finding the perfect gift or experience to share with the one you love. You could even combine our cheap Valentine’s Day ideas together and still show your affection whilst sticking to a budget. Whatever you decide on, a thoughtful gift that’s personal is always sure to be a winner! However, if you still need helping out with the fees this occasion can bring, why not check out our Love2Shop vouchers which are accepted in over 20, 000 High Street shops.

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