What’s Your Financial Personality?

As well as all of your other personality traits, were you aware that most people have a financial personality too? How you deal with money on a daily basis and how you make your financial choices can define your financial personality and this can affect many aspects of your life. Being aware of how you view money can really help you to understand the best ways to make the most of your budget and it can also be beneficial in enabling you to feel more in control of your finances. So, take a look at our handy guide to the three main financial personalities and see if you recognise yourself in any of them!

The Big Spender

Big spenders are great to be around as they are usually generous and gregarious. They will always be the first to contribute to work collections and never pass by a charity collection without giving some of their loose change. However, the downside of being a big spender is that often they forget to budget and when a rainy day comes, they can find their pockets are bare. It’s great to enjoy yourself but if this is your financial personality type, we recommend always setting aside some savings. Why not set up an automatic direct debit from your current account to your savings account each month – you can then enjoy spending, safe in the knowledge that you are building up a nest egg too.

The Savvy Saver

The savvy saver loves to stockpile their money away and can probably quote you the savings interest rates for most of the high street banks off the top of their head! Savers know that looking after the pennies means the pounds will pile up and you’ll never find them spending on anything other than what is totally necessary. Whilst it’s brilliant to save, it can also sometimes stop the savvy saver enjoying themselves. We all need life’s little pleasures and sometimes treating yourself to a coffee on the way to work or taking the family out for a meal can help you to enjoy yourself too. If you know a savvy saver, then Love2Shop vouchers can be a great gift as it’s something for them to spend on themselves without feeling guilty that they should be saving it!

The Ostrich

The ostrich definitely has their head in the sand when it comes to all things financial. To them, money can seem frightening and they just don’t want to have to think about it. Ostriches often don’t know how much money is coming in or out of their household and just want the confusing world of finance to go away.


If you find that you are in fact a big spender or an ostrich, find out how we can help you out. You can also talk to one of our team who are always willing to give advice or point you in the right direction when it comes to finance.

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