Doorstep Loans

What are doorstep loans?

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Doorstep loans are personal loans that are arranged in the comfort and privacy of your home. One of the main advantages of doorstep loans is that you don’t need to have a bank account, as the loan is delivered in cash straight to your door by one of our friendly agents. Repayments are then collected on a weekly basis by the same agent.

For anyone who doesn’t have a bank account or who is rather put off by paperwork, a doorstep loan can be an advantage because they don’t have to deal with difficult forms or discuss their financial situation in a public setting.

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How do doorstep loans work?

When someone applies for a personal loan, one of our team will visit your home and fill out the application forms with you. We always credit check our borrowers and as long as this is successful, the loan amount is delivered in cash by the agent in a few days. The first payment is payable seven days from the delivery of the loan and every week after that. If you are out of the house and miss the repayment, you can easily make it online or over the phone to the local office.

It is important to keep the payments regular – unlike some other lenders, we don’t charge hefty penalties and interest on late payments. However, keeping up to date is very important, especially if you might need another loan one day.

Are doorstep loans available instantly?

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Doorstep loans are credit checked, so they are not available instantly. We also hand-deliver the cash to you, so although it is still quick, it will take a short while for our agent to reach your home. This type of loan can be used for emergencies, such as repairs to a car or a home plumbing emergency, but they are not really designed for borrowers who need money very quickly to tide them over to payday. Many people prefer to take out a doorstep loan because they have the personal touch from the agent who takes the details, brings the money and takes the repayments. For anyone who is not very computer literate or prefers to deal with personal issues at home, a doorstep loan may well be a preferred option.

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