Doorstep loans
in Coventry

What areas of Coventry are our doorstep loans available in?

Our home collections loans are available across all areas of Coventry, so whether you are in Radford or Chapelsfields, our agents are available to support you with your next loan.

Our experienced agent will discuss your loan options face-to-face from the comfort and security of your home. The cash loan is delivered by one of our friendly Coventry agents and the repayments are collected from your home on a weekly basis.

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How do our doorstep loans work?

When you fill out the application form for a personal loan you will be assigned to one of our agents in the Coventry area. We will always credit check our borrowers and if this is successful, the cash loan is delivered within a few days. The repayments of the loan need to be paid seven days from the delivery of the loan and weekly after that.

However, if you miss the repayment, you can easily repay the amount online or call the local office.


How quick can you expect to receive your loan?

Normally, it takes between a couple of days and a week between submitting your application and receiving your loan. Our agents work hard to contact all new applicants as soon as possible and our aim is to make your application process as quick and easy as possible.


Does Ealing Trading credit check all doorstep loans?

Ealing Trading prefers to credit check our borrowers before lending money. This means that the rates can be kept lower for everyone because less risks are being taken on the whole. This does mean that some people may be turned down, but don’t worry if this happens you can apply again when your circumstances have improved.


How can you apply for a doorstep loan?

Simply input your postcode, your details and the loan amount into our simple application form and your local Coventry agent will contact you to arrange your loan. Our doorstep loans service is also available across many counties in the UK. Use our handy postcode checker to find out if we have agents in your area.

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