How do I make a complaint?

We aim to provide an excellent service to all our customers, however, in the event you ever need to let us know about a problem, please refer to our Customer Complaints Procedure

How much can I borrow?

As responsible lenders, we restrict every customer’s first loan or shopping vouchers to £100. Future increases in your credit limit depend on how well you repay your loan. Cash loans.

I haven’t finished paying for my last loan. Can I borrow more?

Subject to proving you can afford to meet the extra weekly payments and have repaid your current loan correctly, we will consider granting a separate loan. Typically, these will be for £100 and no sooner than two months since your last increase.

I need my loan immediately. Is this a problem?

We do not offer same day loans. Your agent will visit you, explain the loan to you and help you complete the application. Once approved, he will arrange to come back to your house, complete the loan and hand you the cash. This way, you have time to think about it and not rush into this legally binding contract.

Why are your loans only for 15 weeks? Provident and Shopacheck offer long term loans.

We believe that short term credit suits our customers better. The loans are cleared quickly enabling you to borrow again when YOU need to. Longer term credit gives you, the customer, less flexibility.

I know someone who has a ‘Wonga Loan’. Do you offer these?

Your friend has a Payday loan which is repayable in full on their next payday. We only offer short term home collected repayment loans.

When do I start paying back my loan?

All our loans are repaid weekly starting seven days after you sign the contract and receive your cash or vouchers.

How do I keep track of my balance?

All customers are issued with a payment book. Your agent will always enter the date, amount of payment and new balance before signing it for you. Not only do you have a record of your payments, but also a convenient place to put aside your payment money ahead of your friendly agent’s visit.

Can I pay off my account early?

Yes and you may be entitled to an interest rebate if you do. You agent can tell you how much rebate you will receive.

What if I miss my agent when they call?

We offer our home collection service as a means by which you can pay but it is YOUR responsibility to make your payment each week. If you don’t see your agent for ANY reason, you must still pay either by debit card online, by phone or by sending payment by cheque or postal order to the office. Pay online.

Do you credit check?

Yes, in order to make the best lending decision, we reference all customers with a credit reference bureau.

I’ve applied and been declined in the past. Will you ever serve me?

We recognise that people’s circumstances change and will consider an application but only after some time has elapsed, usually at least one year.

I don’t want other people to know I have a loan. Can I leave the money with a neighbour?

Rest assured, we respect our customers’ right to privacy and will not discuss your business with anyone else, no matter who they are. We can collect your payment from an alternate address but if it isn’t left, we will have no option but to visit you directly.

My circumstances have changed and I can’t afford to make the repayments. What should I do?

Talk to us. We are happy to accept a reduced payment provided it is regular and you return to correct terms when things improve. In return we will not charge default interest.

Can I recommend a friend or family member?

Yes please. Provided they live at a different address, you can recommend as many as you like. Remember, for each one we serve, we will pay you £10 and if you recommend three in a month, we’ll pay you an extra £20 making £50 in total. Recommend a friend.

My agent tells me she loves her job. Can I apply?

Of course, in fact many of our agents over the years have been customers first. You’ll need to drive, have use of a car and mobile phone but most of all the enthusiasm and determination to build a successful agency. Don’t worry, we’ll support you all the way. Call the office today to arrange an interview. Jobs with Ealing Trading.

I live in Essex, can I get a home collected cash loan?

Yes. All our services are available in Essex, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Leicester.