Short Term Cash Loans in Bedfordshire

Short term loans in Bedfordshire

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Short term loans for people in Bedfordshire are a popular form of borrowing that can tide a person over a temporary cash-flow problem. People who need cars for commuting to and from work, for example, can’t afford to be without one if their vehicle breaks down and so they may then opt for a short term loan. Not everyone wants to be tied to the ‘one hit’ repayment system of a payday loan and for them there are alternatives, for example the short term loans in Bedfordshire arranged through agents such as those from Ealing Trading. With no forms to wrestle with online, a doorstep loan is a handy choice for anyone who is not confident on a computer and also there is the additional bonus to many of the personal touch of having an agent bring the cash to your home and collect the weekly repayments.


How short is ‘short term’?

Depending on the company, short term loans can be repaid over periods of around fifteen to twenty weeks. This is a tried and tested period which brings the payments down to a manageable weekly sum – this can be less than £10 for smaller personal loans – while keeping the interest total to be paid reasonably low. There are always opportunities offered for people to repay their short term loans in Bedfordshire early – depending on when in the repayment cycle this happens, the saving on interest payments can be quite substantial and also it will stand a client in good stead if they ever need to borrow again.

What happens if repayments don’t come in on time?

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When a person takes out a short term loan in Bedfordshire, they undertake to make the payments in a timely fashion, but Ealing Trading understands that sometimes peoples’ circumstances can change. The key to managing the situation for anyone finding it hard to meet repayments is to make it clear from the start to the lender that things have become difficult and they will then be able to negotiate a revised repayment schedule until things improve. As long as the payments are regular and are reinstated at the original level as soon as possible, lenders are very sympathetic as a rule and in the case of short term loans in Bedfordshire through Ealing Trading, there are no penalty fines, although companies do vary. It is always important to read the fine print before taking out a short term loan.

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