Short Term Cash Loans in Essex

Short term loans in Essex

People wanting short term loans in Essex have a number of options open to them, depending on what kind of loan they want, how much they want to borrow and the kind of repayment schedule they can manage. For example, Ealing Trading offers short term loans of small sums over terms of typically fifteen weeks, with the emphasis on affordability of repayments. These loans are not payday loans with a one-off payment on payday of the sum borrowed plus interest with very tough penalties for anyone who defaults. These are small short term loans with a fixed payment schedule, designed to fit most peoples’ budgets and not put too onerous a load on finances.


Are short term loans in Essex available on the same day as application?

Doorstep loans from Ealing Trading are not paid out on the day of application because every borrower is credit checked first. Although some companies offer credit without a credit check, the interest rates can be kept lower if checks are made because the lender is taking less risk. Where risks are taken, interest rates have to be higher across the board, to cover for any un-repaid loans. So although you may have to wait a little longer for your short term loan in Essex to come through while the checks are made, in the long run it is worth it, because your own loan will cost less as a result.

Can people with bad credit get a short term loan?

If the credit check is not satisfactory you will not be able to get a short term loan in Essex through Ealing Trading for the reasons above. Other companies may be able to help but the interest rate is likely to be very much higher. A turndown is not for ever though – if your circumstances change then it is fine to reapply and if a new check goes through without a hitch, then your personal loan can be arranged. Your agent will bring you the cash to your house and your payment schedule will begin the following week. If you have any trouble with repayments, you must ring the head office or tell your agent at once, because a new schedule of payments can be set up then until your circumstances are back on track.

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