Short Term Cash Loans in Leicester

Short term loans in Leicester

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Using a company that uses agents to deliver cash and collect payments is a popular choice for short term loans; Leicester based Ealing Trading can arrange for your cash to be delivered to your home in a couple of days from completion of the paperwork and this is also done in the comfort of your own home. Many companies these days have forgotten that not everyone is totally computer literate and also that not everyone has a bank account. Short term loans in Leicester are still possible for anyone in this position because of the home collection system, sometimes called doorstep loans.


Helping with a financial blip

It doesn’t matter how careful you are with money, occasionally a crisis can tip your budgeting over the edge. In these circumstances getting a small short term loan in Leicester is worth considering because the interest can be less than bank charges for failed standing orders or direct debits. Affordability should be your main consideration because although Ealing Trading – unlike many other lenders – do not add large fees to your account for defaulted payments, the interest will grow if you make your repayments outside the original schedule. Anyone who has problems making a payment on short term loans in Leicester or indeed anywhere across the country is advised to speak to the lender as soon as they foresee a problem. Rescheduled payments will make the loan more expensive in the long run but won’t harm a credit score as much as defaults will.

Credit checks are to protect everyone

Applications for short term loans in Leicester from Ealing Trading are all credit checked first and some people ask why. The simple answer is that it makes the interest rate lower for everyone, because applicants who pass the credit checking process are more likely to be reliable payers and so Ealing Trading are not taking on so much risk. This means that they do not have to ‘load’ everyone’s payments to cover the bad payers. This does mean that some people who apply for short term personal loans are refused credit, but they are able to reapply when their circumstances have improved, so a refusal is not forever. Affordability cannot be stressed enough – taking on repayments that are not affordable in the long run can create more problems than the loan might solve.

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