Short Term Cash Loans in Northamptonshire

Short term loans in Northamptonshire

If you need a short term loan and are Northamptonshire based, you have various options but if you want to keep your payments low and your risk of running into penalties minimised, a doorstep loan is probably the best way to proceed. Everyone has the occasional crisis when they need some extra cash to see them through an unexpected expense, such as car repairs or a household emergency, and although debt charities advise trying loans from relatives or friends as a first port of call this option is not open to everyone. The key to a safe way of obtaining short term loans in Northamptonshire is to make sure that your repayments are affordable, so choosing a lender who spreads the repayment over 15-20 weeks is for many people a good choice.


Choose a short term loan with no penalties

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Although it is understandable that extra interest is charged if repayments take longer than originally foreseen, it is important to choose a lender who does not charge high penalties for late payments of short term loans in Northamptonshire. Ealing Trading credit checks all its borrowers in order to minimise problems in payment collection. This is also minimised by the ‘personal touch’ – most borrowers choose to have doorstep loans and have the cash delivered to their homes and also have the payments collected weekly by a local agent. This means that they can discuss any problems before they become intractable and they also have the advantage of knowing exactly where they stand every week because they have a payment book which is filled in each time.




Getting another loan

Ealing Trading are happy to give a second short term loan as long as the first has been paid promptly on all occasions but to maintain affordability they will not usually add another loan to the first in less than two months from the original agreement. The borrower must show that they are able to make the increased payments for any additional sums, which are typically £100 or less. Short term loans in Northamptonshire are designed to help out a temporary cash flow shortfall and should not be used as a permanent way of making ends meet.

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